Sunday, December 27, 2009

Things I Love that are not Age-Appropriate

I've been reading and loving posts on Secret Society of List Addicts. Hilarious. Can't pull myself away.

Personal Sample: List of things i love that are not age-appropriate.

1. mmm. beets. for the young and pink at heart.
2. sweater clips. were they ever in? can't have too many of those.
3. broaches. yes i have some dandy pass-me-downs from grandmothers and great aunts. they're beautiful and underestimated.
4. pearls of course.
5. potpourri. never thought i would say this, but i have a collection of old, dried-up, decrepit roses and flowers given to me by loves and hates, dating back to 1995.
6. china cups. wish i could have afternoon tea out on the terrace every day. but first, i guess i'd need a terrace.


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